The Voice

Musikhuset Aarhus, Rytmisk Sal
Saturday 14. August, 20:00
Free entry [book here]

We live in an age when the voice can be proliferated, identified, silenced, captured, and reproduced with increasing speed and precision. Despite their lack of singing, the pieces on this concert employ a myriad of tactics for engaging with the contemporary voice and potential problems that occur around subjects and their identities. Imitative calls for political action, degradative censorship, expressive utterances, and the composer’s own voice are all abound in this collection of works.

Marte Røyeng [NO] – Gisp

Elizabeth Shearon [NO] – I Want You To Panic

Þórður Hallgrímsson [IS] – Meditation on the Age of Rubbish

Johanna Sulalampi [FI] – Restarting Awareness

Michael Hope [DK] – Six videos of alt-right propaganda but each time a millennial gets offended the distortion increases by 4%


Dylan Richards [DK] – SAMPLER


Piano & Keyboard: Fei Nie
Flute: Marie Sønderskov
Trombone: Christian Tscherning, Terese Iversen, Fabriz Godin, Jonathan Henneveld
Performance & Electronics: Johanna Sulalampi
Drum Kit: Lorenzo Colombo
Cello: Malthe Vorfing Højager

Current Resonance
Voice & Electronics: Dylan Richards
Keyboard & Melodica: Michael Hope
Clarinet: Joss Smith