The Music of Multiplicities: Decolonizing the Voice of Sublimity

Musikhuset Aarhus, Lille sal
Friday 13. August, 10:00-12:00
Free entry [book here]

The composer, vocalist and concept engineer, Marcela Lucatelli, presents her aesthetic strategies for a new, intercultural communal experience based on the concept of multiplicities – both as a cumulative, cultural phenomena but also as a byproduct of the individual, manifold and polysemic listening and sound-making body, revealing how traditional aesthetics of the sublime and beautiful are inextricably linked with racialized, gendered and class oppression. After her lecture, we welcome the Danish quartet, NJYD, for a workshop in instant composition exploring distinct collaborative methods amongst the audience.

Speaker: Marcela Lucatelli


Saxophone: Anja Nedremo
Percussion: Jonas Weitling
Guitar: Mikkel Egelund
Flute: Marie Sønderskov