TALK #1: BLATT 3000

16th of August 2016
Rytmisk Sal
Musikhuset Aarhus


BLATT 3000 is a magazine and equally likes to think of itself as a platform – for exchange, for discourse, for opinions, for ideas (on and about music). BLATT 3000 wants to know what platforms really are and what it means to be one without too heavy curation. BLATT 3000 likes self-curation. We think self-curation is a positive twist of traditional hierarchies – a collective curatorial effort might end up like a self-flourishing mushroom, an Unkraut that grows uncontrollably. We like that. But do we actually want to change the music landscape that we all are engaged in? And if so how? Sometimes BLATT 3000 dreams. That is why BLATT 3000 will present a concept of a festival of the future.

BLATT 3000
Andreas Dzialocha, Malte Kobel & Laura Weber


Arranged in collaboration with SNYK.