Taïga String Quartet

Taïga String Quartet, consisting of violinists Theo Dan (Romania) and Louise Gorm (Denmark), violist Johann-Vincent Slawinski (Germany) and cellist Maria Isabel Edlund (Denmark), are a fresh, new ensemble. After studying at different European music academies, the four musicians met in Berlin where they are currently based and upon recognizing their common interest in chamber music, Taïga String Quartet was born.

Together they work diligently to create a common sound and mode of expression that invites the listener to take part in the musical interpretation. Their complementary personalities bring a strong character to the music and, aside from their shared passion for a classical repertory, their musical interests are broad. They value keeping an open mind, always being innovative and searching for new inspiration.

Taïga String Quartet are due to perform at UNM Festival 2016 as well as during the autumn where they will be presenting music from different Nordic composers in Germany, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.