Saara Lindahl (b. 1993) (FI)

Finnish composer Saara Lindahl (b. 1993) has lived in several countries in Europe, and draws her artistic influence from a wide range of styles and cultures, all the way from Chinese Bronze Age to British jungle music. Between Time and Infinity is particularly inspired by renaissance composers. The combined result of these influences is not intended to sound hit-and-miss, and Saara has recently focused her studies on simplicity, coherence and the concept of time in music, in particular, investigating what role time plays in the way we identify harmonies as consonant or dissonant.


Saara has studied composition at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, and in 2013, she won the Uuno Klami competition for young composers. Her commissions have been performed at the Hanko Music Festival in Finland and in Villa Lante in Rome, amongst other places.