Rasmus Zwicki (DK)

My main interests are music and everything combinable with music. As a composer I started exploring the interplay between music and other experiences through early compositions like my Prelude and Fugue for 6 flashlights or Scordatura for guitarist and person eating crisps, and later expanded into theatrical symphonic poems, happenings/flashmobs, radio drama, operas and installations.

This has led to many different interdisciplinary collaborations, both with other artists and with myself in other creative roles, especially relating to texts and drama. I have generally been preoccupied with expressing the particular narrative or perspective of every composition, rather than developing a consistent aesthetic of my own. My compositions are therefore stylistically quite diverse, but I enjoy this flexibility, and in collaborations I have considered it a huge advantage.

Further information as well as sound, video and score samples at rasmuszwicki.dk