Klara Andersson (b. 1993) (SE)

Klara Andersson is a sound artist and composer working with questions of identity, hierarchy and power. Most often through everyday life and documentary material, she tries to grasp and find the essence of our cultural practices; to talk about what we usually don’t talk about; to listen to what we usually don’t listen to. Born in 1993 outside of Halmstad, Sweden, Klara is currently studying on the bachelor program in composition at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg.




Using anonymous, personal stories about the consequences of abuse, I’m trying to carve out an image of the world that is, both at a micro and a macro level, characterized by power. The idea is that in every single abuse exists the same mechanisms that causes colonialism and the oppression of entire cultures.In The Tempest, Shakespeare writes about the slave and native Caliban. He symbolizes something wild that has been domesticated and cultivated by an invading force. Caliban has lost his language and it has been replaced with another. His identity has been overthrown and altered.What happens when someone makes an interference in one’s identity, and what is left of that identity afterwards?