Harald Jordal Johannessen (b. 1995) (NO)

Harald Jordal Johannessen (b. 1995) began his studies in composition at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo in 2015. He plays electric guitar, and spends a lot of time exploring the possibilities of the sound studio. Aside from working in a contemporary field of composition, he has experimented with styles such as rock and electronica both as a guitarist and a producer. His latest works have been close collaborations with solo musicians.




Collage #1 synthesises many of the sounds I have discovered as a guitarist during the last few years. It combines five different projects, most of which have lived a life alone before the collage was initiated. The source of the sounds is an electric guitar and a broken effect pedal that, as a result of its defect, makes an array of sounds one would not imagine it could. I enjoy the idea of taking something broken, and rendering it as something of (potentially new) value.