Around ARoS

Wednesday 11. August, 17:00
Free entry with ARoS ticket [UNM participants will get access to ARoS for free]

On Wednesday evening the festival moves into and around ARoS, Aarhus’ most recognizable arts institution. Rotating in a carousel-like manner between five simultaneous, repeated performances that are staged in particular locations throughout the museum, audiences navigate their own circular experiences through multiple levels of audiovisual space. A modular form that allows for increased audience autonomy and encourages detours into engaging with the artwork exhibited at the museum.

Rob Durnin [DK] – 25 Chords a 3 Second Pause and then 10 Chords

Mikkel Alvheim Åse [NO] – F=ma

Mai Ane Pil Siedentopp [DK] – Enclose

Sofie Meyer [DK] – Rose Colour Dance

Þorkell Nordal [IS] – Eme


E.Bass: Mikkel Schou
Percussion: Hsiao Tung-Yuan
Saxophone: Rob Durnin
Tenor: Connor McLean

Cello: Andrew Power
Soprano: Þórgunnur Örnólfsdóttir, Josefine Weber Hansen

Violin: Anna Jalving
Saxophone: Anja Nedremo

Cello: Malthe Vorfing Højager
Guitar: Mikkel Egelund