Anna Gustavsson,


Anna Gustavsson grew up in the countryside outside of Uppsala, and started playing the traditional Swedish nyckelharpa at the age of ten. After leaving school, she studied at the Eric Sahlström Institute, Framnäs Folkhögskola, Ethnofonik (artistic leadership course in Paris) and is currently a student at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. She has been teaching nyckelharpa to students at the study center ”Sensus” in Stockholm and also at longer intensive courses in Sweden and the USA. Her repertoire is from all over Sweden, with a specialization in tunes from Uppland and SmÃ¥land. She also writes her own music and enjoys experimenting with improvisation. Anna’s time traveling around the world with her instrument has given her an interest in folk music traditions from many other cultures and she loves exchanging tunes and knowledge about other traditions with the people she meets. Being a teacher and performer, as well as an active member of Folkmusiker mot rasism (“Folk musicians against racism”) and a board member of Sweden’s Institute for Traditional Music and Dance, she has a good overview of the Swedish folk scene today.