Saara Viika


Saara Viika (b. 1988) (FI)

Saara Viika (b. 1988) is a Finnish cellist born and raised in Helsinki. She graduated from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in 2015 where she studied the cello with Tapani Heikinheimo and Samuli Peltonen. She has also studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen with professor Morten Zeuthen, not to mention her background in visual arts. Though classically trained, her main interest has always been good music and sound, regardless of genre. Saara is experienced in contemporary chamber music and has, for some time now, been gathering experience in free improvisation. She is also influential in a number of traditional popular music groups in Helsinki. Her deep relationship with literature, growing interest in video art and passion for observing people is the base for this particular project. Saara has also collaborated intermittently with video artist, Ilona Raivio, for the past ten years.